Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well the past two days has been interesting. On Monday I took every one to there destinations, we only have one working car right now. I took Amy to work, Rodney went to school and David had the day off so he stayed with me. (Our school district has a weird kindergarten schedule. The kids go 2 full days and one half day.) I went home to do much laundry and get caught up on other work. Later on wile I was making lunch for David I get a call for school that Rodney is running a high temp of 102. So I went and got him, and took him home. I gave him some fever reducer and he fell asleep. But I then a few hours later had to get him up to so we could go get Amy form. With all the running around I really need to go out and thank god it was Monday. It is my guys’ night out and I go play board games and drink beer just about every Monday. This is a big must for the at home parent. We all need to get out once and a wile.

Today Amy took David to school and I stayed with Rod. His temp was up and down all day. Today also was Rodney’s field trip to the zoo. I was going a long, but we stayed home. Rod napped much of the day and I got some cleaning done and finished doing the laundry. In the afternoon Amy called me to see ho he was doing. I had just taken his temp and it was a little high. Being the worried mother she went to talk to the school nurse after we got of the phone. She then tried to call me two time but Rodney, who was felling much better, and I were watching a movie. So I didn’t here the phone. So she went ahead and made an appointment for him, and left school early. On the way she called me only to find out he was doing better. Because of the bug going around we took him any way.

Once we got to in to see the doctor and after he checked him out he told us to continue doing what I had already been doing. Lots of water and aspirin. Rodney seemed to be on the mend but a few hours later the fever had come back. Kids always seem to get better when you take them to the doctor. Any way Rodney will be home one more day and hopefully no one else will get it.

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