Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mather's Day 07

It’s was Mother’s day today and we started out the day the same as we always do; Me and the boys fixed Amy’s breakfast in bed. Rodney and David did better this year at helping than they have done in past years. Rod helped with the eggs and David helped with the toast. Of course I made the coffee the way she likes it, one cup of sugar and three table spoons of coffee. Once everything was ready I carried in the tray, David carried the card, and Rodney her gifts.

After we all finish eating we got ready for services at Interfaith. We had an enjoyable time there. The boys were very good. Dave Bell, our minister was back from Florida and gave a talk on Forgiveness. This was part two of a four part series on metaphysics. I had a nice chat with some of the other members of the church during fellowship time right after services. I looks like I going to be helping out with recreating the song books for the center. This should be no problem for me to do with all of my graphic design and printing experience.

After we got home we had lunch and I took the boys to the comic book store. We are going to start reading together the World War Hulk comic book series. This is marvel comics big summer event, which will have an effect on many of their titles this summer. I will do a blog on it as things get moving later this summer. We then came home and the boys played out side for a wile, and Amy and I did a few things around the house.

Every Sunday after dinner we have family clean up. We usually spend an about an hour cleaning the house together. Today we mucked out the boys’ rooms. We got rid of lots of stuff and took some old toys to Good Will. We have found by working together as a family we get more done and we can teach our kids how best to clean and put things away.

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