Monday, May 07, 2007

Saturday, May 5th

On Saturday the boys slept in a little later that the day before. They could have slept in more but I made the decision to get them up at 6:00 a.m. so we would have time to get ready to go and the boys would get to play with their wedding gifts from James and Ann. David got Lagos and Rodney got Bionicles. So I sent the next hour or so putting them together.

We all had to be at my Aunts for brunch by 9 a.m., so we hurried up and got Gee Gee (my grandma) and went. I took lots of photos there however I was using my Cousin James’ digital SLR camera so I don’t have the photos yet. (I really need to get a camera like that) All of the young cousins got to play together wile we all sat and talked. The kids really like my Star Wars Minis. It was nice to get caught up with my family from the area and from Florida. All the guest were gone by 10:30

At 11:30 we got the boys dressed and head out for the church, witch we had to be at by 12:30. The wedding started at 1:30 and went until about 3pm and Rodney and David both did a good job. We were very proud of them. They even did a good job of having their photos taken after.

After the wedding we had some time to kill until the reception. So we took the boys to McDonalds and then to Old World 3rd street ware we got some chocolate.

The reception was at the Performing Art Center in Downtown Milwaukee. They place was beautiful. We started with drinks and refreshments, and then had a wonderful dinner. During the refreshments there was a jazz band playing, Rodney was very much in to this. He sate for a 20 minuets listening to them play. After dinner there was much dancing. This was the one thing David really looked forwarded to. He was quite the dancer. After the Reception I fallowed my Grandmother in our van back to our room, and she took us on tour of Milwaukee.

My Grandma and her 3 generations; 3 kids, 10 Grandkids, and 10 and 1/2 great grandkids

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