Monday, May 21, 2007

Gardening my way out of a funk

Well today I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I moved a little slow after getting home from dropping of Amy and Rodney at their destinations. I finally was able to get out of my funk this afternoon by going out side and working in my garden. I stared on a new bed next to our shed. I will be using it for tomatoes and some veggies. I have an idea of how I can tie in my garden at the end of our drive way. It is going to take some work. I'm really excited about working on it, that I'm ready to get things done. I’ll do any thing to put off working on the laundry or mopping the kitchen floor

Also I have the first bloom on my "Play with fire" German bearded iris. If you have not guessed it is my favorite flower in my garden. I’ll have more photos soon


Lisa A. Roscoe said...

I'm Jealous!!!! I miss the time I use to spend in our Garden in Chicago. I having the biggest withdrawl-almost like quitting smoking.

Lisa A. Roscoe said...

Ok! I don't know if it will publish. I miss Gardening. I loved to get outside and plant flowers as well as clean up our graden. Aedhan use to be my helper.