Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Alone Together

This week Amy is off from school, and the boys are back in school. So Amy and I have spent some time together as a couple. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and the library. Today we went on a date. First we had to fax some thing for her autism endorsement. Then we went to Boarders Books to relax and look at books. (of course we started at the kids section, old habits die hard) Then out to eat and finally to a day spa in Ann Arbor, to rest in a hot tub. My back and knees had been really hurting me, so it was nice to get all of the stiffness out. We both are very relaxed and had fun together as a couple. It’s always nice to get away with out the kids. now I get to go to work reall late this afternoon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Recycling as a family

No we are not trying to recycle our kids! Actually the boys were helping the workers at the recycle center in Ann Arbor to pack down the brown paper bags in there bin. We go to the Recycle Center every other week. And we recycle quite a lot. All of our containers; glass, metal, and plastic are recycled. We also collect our entire paper waist. This was Rodney and David's Idea that we recycle not ours, we have been doing this for a year now and it makes us all feel good. After we always go to the Comic book store. It has become a great outing for us

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"helping" Daddy around the house

Rodney and David are off from school all this week. So the have been home with me. Today I got them busy “helping” me around the house. I had them do some cleaning of there rooms (witch is moving toys from one spot to the other with out putting them away). Then they shoveled the drive way (pushed the snow around the drive way rather than remove it from the drive). Then they helped me paint the walls in our master bedroom leading into the bath (they moved the roller long enough for me to get a photo).

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Up dates

Well we have been very busy around here as of late. I have been work lots of hours and the new home I am in is lots of work. Both guys are a hand full and require one on one care 24/7. When I have not been working I have been working on the bathroom with my dad. I really enjoy the time I get to spent with him. We have stared to move out of the master bath and in to our bedroom with the remodeling. We have been prepping the walls for painting. On the days my dad is not here and I am not working I have been trying to spend as much time with my family. This past Sunday I watched the super bowl with the boys. They really loved the dad time with me. I had lots of special snacks and root beer for them. Also both boys are doing well in school David has really become one of the popular kids in his class. Rodney is reading on a 5th grade level and only n the 2nd grade. Now if only we could get him to sit long enough to read the books. Amy is now done getting her autism endorsement, witch means she can work with autistic kids and can get a raise. More to come soon…

P.S. Don't forget to vote, if you have not. this election year is turning out to be very interesting.