Friday, May 18, 2007

A Day a School With My Boys

Today I volunteered at Rodney and David’s School for the whole day. We started the day with Amy dropping us off at the school a little early. (Having one car we some times have to do things a little different.) Because we were at school early and it was a nice day I took them to the play ground to get rid of their excess energy. As any one who has boys can tell you, this was a futile effort. David as always was full of energy today.

So I was there to help out in David’s class room in the morning. I then got to have lunch with both boys, and then I got to go out with them for recess. (My first recess in years) After recess I had some time to help out more in David’s room before Rodney’s IEP. (Individualized Education Program) Wile in David’s class I got to go out side with him and his 5th grade buddies to read. I was a perfect day to be outside, and I got to help with redirecting David.

After the hilarity with David I went in side for Rodney’s IEP. The meeting was mostly to talk about getting Rod through the rest of the year. (last year was very hard for him for the last weeks of classes). We he also has had a few problems with aggressive behavior towards the staff and students. How ever we all were in agreement that he is doing much better than he did last year.

So it was a great day with my kids, and as a stay at home dad I have to say this is something I would not have gotten to do when I was working.

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