Saturday, May 19, 2007

It’s all about Family and gardening

Today we spent much time together as a family. Amy and I feel this is very important. After lunch we all went to Target and Trader Joe’s for groceries and supplies for the boys' science fair projects. We also stop at my favorite plant place to get some new annuals and perennials. Rodney need some flowers for his project on dish soap and plant growth and David needed stuff to make a volcano. (David originally wanted to do his project on hot lava.)

The place we stopped to get the plants is just a road side stand of a privet grower. The guy has always had really good plants and good prices. Just 6 bucks for perennials and 10 bucks for a flat of annuals. I got some fox glove for one of my bare spots and some marigold to plant around in my entire garden. (We used 4 of the annuals for Rod’s project. I’ll give more details on there project later) So this afternoon I got to spend working in my garden. Both boys were out there “helping” me. They would “help” me with digging by filling in the holes after I would dig them usually before I got the plant put in there. I spent much time moving some of my old perennials form the front yard and the side. I moved all my cone flowers to a spot they would get more sun and I moved some of my Bee Balm the was over growing in some areas, to the spot the cone flowers were. Also I looks like my German bearded iris (Play with fire is what it is called) is about to bloom. I should be getting 50+ blooms this year. (I’ll post it in full bloom in the next week or so) This means I will need to split the bulbs this fall. So if any one in the area wants one you can have one.

After all the panting and weeding we watered the garden. I watered the boy’s turned the water off and on, much to my dismay. Then they helped me plant the Marigolds in the flower box on our porch. Both boys seem to be very interested in what I’m doing in the garden. I hope I am in stilling my same love of gardening on them as my father on me and his before. Rodney is a little more in to it the David but both had a good day with me.

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