Friday, May 11, 2007


Today (May 11th) is Amy’s birthday. To celebrate today I fixed her breakfast then, then she works all day, and when she gets home tonight I will fix her favorite dinner. I will be making potato and cheese perogies with vegetarian sausage and green peppers, and pea pods for vegetable. The desert will be a Tiramisu Torte and Raspberry sorbet. I got her matching dragon mats and stirring wheal covers for our new van as a birthday persent. We tend to get each other things we really need, most because it is truly what we want for our birthdays. The boys got her a DVD.

Tomorrow we will be going to my mom and dad’s to celebrate both Amy’s birthday and Mothers day. For Amy’s birthday one of the things she wanted to do was go see a movie. So we will go see Spider-man 3. I will let you know how good the film is tomorrow. I always get Amy a new Orchid for mother’s day. The photo above is of it. It is a Dendrobium Orchid with little purple flowers. Very pretty.

We currently are trying to save money so we can fix our old car. I was driving home from the store and the transmission kept skipping. So the transmission is going and it is no longer safe to drive. So it looks like we are going to have to make some sacrifices to get thought it. I will most likely have to go back to driving every one to work and school every day. Our anniversary will have to be on the cheep. And Birthdays will have to be smaller this year. I will also have to really look in to increasing the amount of work I get for my business. Other wise I will have to get a part time job.

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