Thursday, May 10, 2007

Updates and the past few days

I have been trying to post more frequently to my blog (either every day or every other), but that has been hard to do this past few days. Monday was our first day back form our trip to Milwaukee, and I spent the day getting caught up on laundry, doing other things around the house and went grocery shopping. Also I need to get ready for the next few days at Rodney and David’s school. This whole week is teacher appreciation week at the school.

Tuesday for teacher appreciation week, me and the ladies from the PTO made breakfast for all the staff. I made my world famous pancakes. There were four kinds of my pancakes; plane whole wheat, banana whole wheat, banana nut whole wheat, and crapes. Later I had to take Rodney to a doctor’s appointment. And after that I had to go back to the School to set up for muffins with Mom. Some ware in there I found time to work in the yard.

On Wednesday I had to get up at 5:30 to go get milk, juice, and water for the muffins with mom at the school. Muffins with mom is were the kids can come in an hour early to school and have breakfast with their mom. So I work with another father on the set up and serving the moms. We had to be there and hour early to get the coffee ready and set out the muffins and Danishes. Amy came up with the kids about 7:30 so she could get to school on time. And the boys the were left in my charge during the event. Rodney really wanted to help me and did a good job of it. David being our social butterfly went around and talked to all of his classmates that were there. After it was over I cleaned up for about an hour after, then I came home to do a few things around the house. Then I got David off the kindergarten bus at 12pm. I gave him lunch, and then I collapse in to a heap. That night I then had to go back to school again for the last PTO meeting of the year.

Today is all about getting caught up. Also you may have noticed I redid the lay out of my blog. I really like it. The photo at the top is of my cherry tree this spring. Hopefuly today I’ll finish un-packing form the trip and go get Amy’s birthday present.

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