Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I need to be where, by what time?

This month has been full of appointments. Two weeks ago Rodney had a therapy appointment, then last week we had his IEP review. This week we had another therapy session with Rodney yesterday, today David had a med review, and tomorrow he has an eye doctor appointment. The next week we have another therapy appointment with Rod and then on the 31st both boys have a dental appointment.

Add to that we are down to one car and I’m driving Amy 15 miles to work then back to drop off the boys at school, then picking everyone up we are doing a lot of driving. The cost of gas right now is very high ($3.60) and I put in about $35 in today and we still are close to being on E. Maybe I need to get my taxi drivers license and charge everyone for gas. Looks like we are staying close to home this summer.

For David we finally got him some new meds that should help him to calm down. His teacher, the Bus driver, and Amy and I were very frustrated with him today. We all would love to see him gain some impulse control, with out him loosing his love for life. He really loves to get out and enjoy the little things; fling kites, skateboarding, riding bikes, yo-yos…

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