Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Science Fair

Today was Rodney and David’s Science Fair at their school. I was very involved in the whole thing. I worked with three other parents on putting it together. I did this because both Amy and I feel the learning is very important and should be fun. Also both boys really wanted to do a science fair project.

Rodney did a project on environmental science and David did his on Natural science.

For Rodney project we put the four plants in four of the cups with extra dirt. Next we put holes in the bottom of the cups so they can drain. Then we measured ¼ cup of water in separate cups. Cup one got 2 things of water. Then in the other 3 cups we put one ¼ cup of each dish soap. Next we poured the soap and water on to 3 of the plants, 1 dish soap for each plant, and just water on the first. We did this for the next 7 days. All three of the plants died in the end. The interesting part was the plant that got the all natural biodegradable soap started to die first, but was the last to completely die out. Also the dirt look like it would, ware the other two that got soap looked like oil spills.

For David’s project he did it on volcanoes. Were he made a volcano and learned how and why it works. This is very important that he learn the process and why things work. He really enjoyed him self.

The fair went really well and we had 25 kids participate in the fair. We had lots of good projects. So our judges had a really hard time with their final decision. In the end we gave out six 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and 5 honorable mentions and 2 participation awards, and then 6 special awards. Rodney got one of the 1st place awards and a special award (for environmental Science) , David got a 2nd place award.

It was a lot of fun. I look forward to doing it again. And it will be better that this year.

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