Saturday, May 26, 2007

A good day as family

1) We all went as a family to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. The boys really liked the film, I thought it was ok with a little too much going on, and Amy was a little board. The movie it’s self was filled with more violence that the last two films together. David was a little scarred and sat in Amy’s lap for much of the film. Of course David would never say he was. I really like the special effects, and Keith Richards (of the Rolling Stones) guest appearance.

2) Because David had his first really good day at school in along time we took him to get his new bike. We had been planning on getting him a new one but really wanted him to have a good at school. I would seem that his meds are working.

3) We worked on the boys’ science fair projects. Rodney and I worked on writing up his project and got the photos of the progression of his project printed at the Drug store. Amy work with David on his volcano.

4) My German Iris is in full Bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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