Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday, May 4th

On Friday after waking up, at 5:30 a.m. local time, we very much had hoped they would sleep in but David woke everyone up) we had breakfast with my grandmother and my Uncle Bud. We got to talk about the up coming wedding and how the boys were doing. I took the boys for a ride around the retirement home on their skateboards. Along the way I stop to go look at the Greek Orthodox Church right next door to the home. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I will give more on that in a later posting. My Grandmother then took the boys to see the birds up on the 2nd floor of her retirement home. Rodney was in love He really like a little blue bird who was at the bottom of the cadge he couldn’t fly. Before lunch we took my grandmother to my Aunt Pats so she could be there as people arrived for the wedding. The boys spent time toughing their new spider-man frisbees from the upper deck of the my aunts condo, wile we worked out what to do about lunch and entertain the boys. We had a lot of time to kill until the rehearsal dinner that nigh.

After Bud and I took the boys to the park he dropped me off at Patties so he could go get his kids from the Airport and I could take Amy and the boys out for lunch and Custard. You just can’t go to Milwaukee and not get custard. After that we all went to the hotel were every one was staying for the wedding. This was to give the boys a chance to meet my Cousin Shannon’s kids and to go swimming. I got a chance to geek out with My Cousin James (he is the one who was getting married). We played Carcassonne and he won (only because I was a little sleepy fro the trip).

That night after feeding the boys and letting them play Star Wars with their Cousins, we went to the rehearsal and the dinner. On the way there David fell asleep from all the activity. At the Church the boys got to find out what their job was in the wedding and how important they were. They both were very good. My mother took the boys back to my Grandmother’s so they could go to sleep and Amy and I could go to the Dinner. Both boys fell asleep faster that any other time. The dinner was at a Mexican restaurant in honor of Sango de Mayo. Amy and I only stayed long enough for drinks and dinner. We were very tired.

Hmmmmmmmm Custard

Me and James Geeking out playing Carcassonne

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