Monday, April 30, 2007

Spider-Man 3 and Me

This week Spider-man 3 opens nation wide, and we are excited. I grew up reading the Spiderman Comics and watching both the cartoon and the live action shows. The 1st time I was exposed to Spiderman was the during the 70’s watching The Electric Company TV Show. (Morgan Freeman was one of the shows stars.) The show employed sketch comedy and other devices to provide an entertaining program to help children of primary-school age. One of the sketches they had were sorts of Spiderman during each episode, witch were very campy. Later in the 70’s there was a short lived live action TV show called The Amazing Spider-Man. the show only lasted a year. As a kid in the 80’s, every Saturday morning I had to see Spiderman and his Amazing friends. Then as a teen and as an adult I have collected the comics. I currently have 3 long boxes full of them.

Today the movies are the best way for one to get their Spider-man fix. These films are the 1st to really show how to make a superhero film. I own both of the 1st two films and I love to watch them with the boys. David really loves them so much so a week doesn’t go by with out him asking to watch one of the movies. He even has two pairs of Spiderman pajamas.

Now the new film will be out on Friday, however we will be in Milwaukee for a wedding. Hopefully we will get to see it wile we are there. The movie is already being said that it is one not to be missed this summer. One reviewer liked it better than the other two. I would have to say out side of Star Wars, Spider-man is the best.

David dressed as his favorite superhero

Spider-Man 3 Trailer

the Amazing Spiderman opening

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