Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Martin Sexton

This week one of me and Amy's favorite musicians, Martin Sexton, released Seeds. This is his first new set of songs in seven years (not counting 2005's holiday-themed Camp Holiday) folkie extraordinaire is amazing, full of soul, original, and inspirational! We are very excited to be listening to this new album. Martin Sexton is in my opinion one of the greatest performers, singers, and song writers I have herd. His music soothes the soul. Sexton is committed to translating many American music forms into guitar-based folk; his influences include jazz, blues, rock, soul, gospel, doo-wop, and traditional country. His songs showcase his talents not only as a writer but also as a guitarist and vocalist

On the new album there is a little tribute to Tom Waits (Keep It Simple, the closing track) that breaks some new musical ground, without sounding to "experimental". Of course, for a renowned road warrior like Sexton recorded work isn't really the point, as this release like all the others is just more fodder for his famously blistering live sets (memorably captured on 2000's Live Wide Open). Still, it's a welcome dose of the man's music--a mix of broadly appealing jams, Van Morrison-esque drama and Sexton's earthy pipes, reminiscent of R&B greats like Otis Redding. "Happy" opens it up with a cheery, gospel-tinged vibe, with organs and guitars. A later vocal track is a hop-a-long tune "Marry Me" while guest Nils Lofgren's juke joint guitar vibe livens up "How Far I've Come." It's not always subtle but the guy has an absolute knack for classic roots music. With the energy of a true believer, Sexton manages to infuse a timeless appeal into every track. We have been hungry for a new studio CD from Martin for some years, and this is no disappointment. He may even expand the fan base a bit!

Here is a video of Martin Sexton:

To hear more of his music go to:
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