Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our trip Up to Travers City

This week we went to Travers City, Michigan to see Amy’s parents and grandfather. We were up there from Thursday to Saturday. We could have stayed there until Sunday but we needed a day at home after a long trip. We all had a good trip and really enjoyed our selves. We stayed at Amy’s grandfather’s farm house in Empire just 30 minutes out side of Travers City. The boys really looked forward to going there and love playing out side. The only problem was in was a little cold and there was 6 inches of snow.

Wile there I started to teach Rodney and David how to play pool and we played my new board game, Carcassonne. We went to a great restaurant in Empire for lunch on Friday with Amy’s Grandpa, and it was really good. They had some vegetarian meals for us witch were very good. That night we went to the city to eat dinner with Amy’s parents. Wile we were there the boys got to play video games and I played Carcassonne and Dreamblade with Shane, Amy’s 11 year old brother. We slept one more night at the farm house and the boys got to spend time talking to great grandpa.

On Saturday we went to have lunch again at Amy’s parents then we came home. The new van made the trip quite nice, and the boy’s colored and read comics most of the trip. We all enjoyed our selves.

Also I did not put back on any of the weight I lost wile on the trip. I’m now at 285lbs! the diet is working

Playing Pool with mom
Amy, David, And Amy's Mom
We're Watching Sponge bob with great Grandpa!!

Amy and her Dad
Someone took this wile I was taking a nap
This is a good one of the boys
Rodney reading Calvin and Hobbs
David Coloring

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