Sunday, April 29, 2007

A busy Weekend

Pheeeew, it was a busy weekend for us. It all started on Saturday when Amy attempted to go a new ACIM group in Ferndale, Michigan, but it was cancelled. Wile she was gone the boys and I took advantage of the great weather, and worked outside in the yard. I mowed the lawn as the boys “helped” with weeding the garden. The best part of “helping” me, for them, was using the leaf blower to clean the drive way of clippings. David was raking the grass in to the drive way and Rodney was blowing it back. So when Amy got back she took the boys to the library (so I could clean up the yard) to pick up some books she had on hold and let the boys pick out some of their own books. How ever having two boys in tow makes it hard to think. So she forgot the books.

Amy came back home and we had dinner as a family. We decided, after dinner, to go back to the library to get the books and go get the boy’s tuxes for my cousins wedding next week end. When we got the library in was closed, we had forgotten it closed at 5pm on Saturday. So we headed to the tux place, and wouldn’t you know it to was closed. So since we were in the area we went to Pier 1 and Boarders. We were good and only got a “few” new books.

Sunday we went to Sunday services at Interfaith and our new facilities. There was a special speaker for scurvies, Mark Handler. Mark gave a talk on Tibetan toning bowls and meditation. After his talk he played many of his bowls as we meditated. We even got to try some ours selves.

After “church” we came home for lunch. Amy went to a scrap book party and I had the “joy” of taking the boys back to the tux place. Let me tell you it was “fun” we had to wait for about a half an hour to get in to a changing room. So Rodney and David entertained them selves with the mirrors. Then boys loved how they looked, David especially. He was dancing around it reminded me of James Brown. After getting them round up in to the van we went home. When Amy got back we all decided to enjoy the 75 degree weather and go eat dinner in the park and let the boys run around. So we will be spending the next week getting ready for the trip to Milwaukee next week end. I should have lots of photos by then.

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