Friday, June 02, 2006

David's last day of preschool

Today was David’s last day with his preschool program. We ended it with a picnic at Kensington Park; witch is a very large park near were we live. After we ate we when for a walk down to the water to see the beach and get our feet wet (it was to cold to go swimming). Then we went to the animal farm that is part of the park. We have been there many times before, so David acted as tour Gide for the rest of his class.

Now David’s class is very unique, it is a home and center basted program. David’s teacher would come to our house once a week, (witch meant I had to really get the house clean) and we whet to the Early Childhood center once a week. There were only three kids in the class along with there parents (yes the parents participated in the program, and yes I sung songs, played games and danced around with David). The program lasted for 12 weeks and David really go a lot out of it. Amy and I truly feel he is ready for kindergarten next year.

the first four photos are from today at the park, and the other three are from different times in the class. The last three also were taken by David's teacher, Mrs McCarthy, She gave them to us to day.

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