Friday, June 16, 2006

Our Anniversary

This past Monday was Amy and mine seventh wedding anniversary. However we are going out tonight to celebrate it with a movie. So here is a poem I wrote when Amy and I were just dating and then was modified for our wedding and was put on the back of our wedding program. (The above photo was taken resonantly in my garden after a rain storm.)

You Are Love

When I first saw you,
I saw love.
The first time you looked at me,
I felt love.
The first time you spoke to me,
I became love.

You are the one I run to,
The one I belong to.
You are the one I want for life,
No other could be my wife.

You are the one that I love,
The only one I dream of.
Our love has no better,
We beat the odds together.

We might take the long way,
But we will get there someday.
I’m so glad I found you
I look forward to being with you

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