Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our Big Kids

Yesterday and today both Rodney and David have been showing us sights that they are growing up and fast. Yesterday a new Chinese Restaurant opened up very close by us. Both boys made “attempts at eating” with chop sticks. The above images are proof or that.

But the big news is they both started to ride their bikes with out their training wheels. After spending so much time fixing there training wheels I finally decided to let David try it with out them for a little bit. To my amazement he took right off with out help and only fell a few times. He was riding like he did with the wheels on. Rodney upon seeing this decided he was going to do this to. After some work we were able to get him to go by him-self. We did have to help him get started every time but he was able to do it. His bike is a little big for him but he should grow in to it. They really are growing fast! Amy says they are no longer her little babies.

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