Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Detroit Festival of the Arts

Today we went to the Detroit Festival of the Arts, with the boys. We met up with one of my good friends Meredith. It seems I have been getting together with lots of old friends from my past. The festival had lots of fun things for the boys to do. There were live bands and performers every ware. The first thing each of the boys did was to make a little house to place them on a large map of down town Detroit (this was ware Meredith was) Next David spotted a stage with ballet dancers performing. He very much wanted to go see and was very excited about it. Then we did some drumming, face painting and some virus arts a crafts. The bys could barely contain them self’s. Amy and I did get to see some of the artist and their work (in between trying to keep the boys with us). Also we had a nice long talk with Meredith (with a few interruptions from the boys) before we came home. It was a very fun day, even tough I got a little bit of sun today on the back of my neck.

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