Thursday, July 12, 2007

Star Wars PocketModel TCG

My newest game is Star Wars PocketModel TCG. I had the opportunity to play it a couple of time now, once with my nephew and once with the guys in my gaming group. The 1st time I played it(with Charlie) I really didn’t get all the rules. So as a result I was not sure if I liked the game or not. The rule book is not very well put together, so I missed a few rules. The second time I played the game (with the guys) I had figured out all the rules and the game work out much better. And I really like the game. Play it in a group has much more dynamics to it then the just one on one.

The game has aspects of both miniatures and collectible and trading genres. It is similar to WizKids game Pirates of the Spanish Main, referring to the mechanics of creating game pieces from components that punch out of styrene cards. The game derives its content from all six Star Wars movies. Also there are the cards that give your miniatures bonuses or change the game play. You win the game in two ways; one you eliminate all of your opponents ships, or destroy all 3 of their objective cards. The coolest thing is when your ship takes damage you add little damage plumes to the ship.

All and all, I give the game 8 out of 10 stars. I will have to play it a few more times to really work out the ins and outs.

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