Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our Happy Place

Ok I have final finish the book that almost every one in the world is reading right now. So I have past Harry Potter on to my wife (who has been giving me every chance to read it so she can) I now have time to Post a new blog.

This past week-end we all went to Amy’s aunt Carols cabins for vacation. We have all been there many times in the past but this was the first time in years for us. And this was David’s First time ever.

We left early Saturday morning and drove straight there with out any traffic. I was hopping to have a certain book in my hands; however I was told I need to wait. We arrived about 3:30 pm, a half an hour earlier than expected. Our cabin was not ready as of yet, witch was ok. The boys, after getting a look around the cabins and meeting Amy’s Aunt and Uncle, took off to go play in the woods. Amy and I settled in at the camp fire and talked with Amy’s Aunt and Uncle. After we moved in Amy’s Parents, Brother, sister, and her sister’s boy friend all came for dinner. We all gathered around the fire and enjoyed each other company. (Me and Amy’s uncle Jimmy had a few beers.)

The next day (Sunday) we again relaxed around the fire and the hammock. I found the hammock was very relaxing. In the afternoon we all went to the beach that was part of the Sleeping Bear National Park. That Night the girls had girls’ night out. Me and the boys hung out with Jimmy and Shane at the cabins and had dinner.

The next morning we all went out to Amy’s Grandfather’s Farm house to celebrate both Rodney’s and my birthday (mine is Aug 5th Rod’s is Aug 18th). We had hot dogs and chili, and then Rod and I shared a cake. Rodney got lots of Transformers and I got the Book I had been weighting for all summer. So the rest of the day was spent, for me, try to read Harry Potter. I sent a very blissful 2 hours in the hammock with my head phones on, drinking a beer, and reading my book.

We came home on Tuesday with much kicking and screaming. Of course that was Amy and I, the boys were ready to come home.

It was a very good week-end both Amy and I have decided that the Cabins are our happy place. We always enjoy it, and have a good time. I look forward to going again.

Our little cabin in the woods:

At the Beach

Rod and My Brithday party

A little peace of heaven

Around the camp Fire

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