Sunday, July 01, 2007

Geek time with Charlie

My nephew Charlie and niece Zoe are in Flint for two weeks. My brother was only here for a few days of their visit, he left today. I plan to spend as much time with them as possible. Maybe we will get up there a couple of times each week. My plans are to geek out with Charlie and to take Zoe to the Art museum.

Today before and after dinner I taught Charlie how to play dreamblade. He won one of the three games we played. We try to play my new game Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game, but only had a little bit of time. So we only when over the rules and looked over the ships. It looks like a fun game. (I'll do a write on the game later)

This next two weeks Amy is also off from work. I’m hopping to use this time to get some work done on the bathroom. My dad and I didn’t get much done last week. We both were very busy last week. We also wanted to spend time with Tom wile he was here.

My Daylilies are Starting to bloom!!

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