Friday, October 06, 2006

We’ve Been Busy and David’s Kindergarten Field Trip

Well it has been a wile since I posted to our blog. The boys have been in school for a month now and it has been very busy one. Rodney is in 1st and David is in Kindergarten, and both are gone form the house much of the week. However you would think I would be less busy and have more time on my hands. Not so. My business has really taken of and I have done lots of work this month. Also I have been volunteering at the boys school as a mater of fact I am the coordinator for all of the volunteering. Some ware in there I lost 10 lbs. We also are down to one car and I drive Amy to work and drop off the boys every day, and then pick them all up later in the day. We find it to be a nice arrangement and get to spent time together as a family in the morning.

So today, after I had a meeting in the morning with all of the volunteers, I went with David on his field trip, with all the Salem Elementary kindergarteners, to the Orchard in Plymouth Michigan. First we had lunch then were off to the petting farm. Then we explored a pumpkin patch and climbed all over them. Next there was a sort presentation on how an apple grows before we went on a wagon ride to go pick apples. Finally we finished the day off with apple cider and donuts

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