Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Room Full of Dalieges, Friends and Family

This past Friday and Saturday I was with my parents and bothers in Milwaukee. We were there for the memorial services for my grandmother (my dad’s mother). Even though it was for a sad occasion, I did get to see much of my family that I had not seen in years. I saw my cousins Dawn and Dan, and some of my dad’s cousins. There were also some long time family friends who are very much a part of our family.

The night before the services we whet out with my cousins from my mother’s side. It was me and both of my bothers who went to watch them play kickball and the go to the bar for some beers. The next day after the services in the morning we all went out for lunch at what was my grandmother’s favorite restaurant, Mamma Mia’s. I still feel they have the best pizza and garlic bread I have ever had. After the meal and much conversation, Rob and I drove home for Michigan. It was a nice quick trip.

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