Saturday, October 28, 2006

A trip to the IKEA store

Today we took a trip to the IKEA store in Canton Michigan. Let me tell you it is quite a store. They have a cafeteria with cheep but good food. The store opens at 10 am but the cafeteria opens at 9 am. They serve a good size breakfast for only $.99. So we got there at 9:30 for breakfast, and then went to the children’s section for a few minutes with the boys. We then took the boy to the play area; witch is supervised, for 45 minutes wile we shopped. We saw many things we wonted and more. The great thing was that you don’t have to drop of your kids at the play area, there playhouses through out the store for the kids. With so many good deals it was hard walking out of there with out a lot of new things, but we were good and only bought two new throw rugs.
If any one wants to or is going to there soon, I would be more than happy to go with you! Amber? Mom?

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