Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rodney's Birthday Party

On Saturday the 19th of August, we had a party for Rodney’s 6th birthday. We had family and friends over for hotdogs and cake. The theme of the party was dinosaurs, and we had his cake decorated with them. All of the boys played video game and the girls played trains. When we opened presents Rod’s gifts really showed how much he is becoming a big kid. He got Lagos (his favorite), a radio, a fishing pole, Transformers, Star Wars toys, books, a microscope and some clothing. They way he really showed he is getting older is he was interested in the cards and in the clothing he got from his grandma. He was very content and happy after the party, and said it was a good day.

It's uncal Rob & aunt Amy!!!!!


The birthday boy eating his lunch.

I got a dinosaur!

I got a dinosaur puzzel book

What I get, what I get?!

The big boy playing with his new lagos!

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