Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crim Weekend

Here are some more photos from this past weekend. Rodney and David have a new favorite great uncle. The boys had lots of fun with Uncle Bud. They very much reminded me of my self when I was their age. I always looked forward to seeing him and had lots of fun with him. He is very much interested in our kids and how they are doing.

On Saturday Bud and I took the boys to see the movie Barnyard, wile my mother, aunt and grandmother when to see the movie World Trade. How did we like our movie? Let just say the boys licked it. After my mother got back from her movie we all went out for dinner at Bob Evens. Both Rodney and David were really wound up, so Bud took them to the dollar store to get a toy to help calm them down. Thanks Bud!

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