Sunday, August 13, 2006


This past weekend we went camping with the scouts. We got to Wolverine Campground, Just out side of Davison Michigan, around 5 pm on Friday. I sent Amy with the boys to the beach wile I waited for the other scouts to arrive and set up camp. The other family had forgotten their tent post, so could not set up their tent. They decided they would sleep in their van that night. We cooked hotdogs, made a campfire, made smores and relaxed around the fire before going to bed. That night it dropped down to 54 degrees, and we had a hard time keeping worm, and had a hard time sleeping

The next morning I was not feeling very well, I had been fighting a cold most of the week and the night in the tent did not help. However I stuck it out for the day. 1st I taught the boys how to play freeze tag and cartoon tag then I took them out on a hike through the woods. Then they went swimming, and we mad ice cream in a bag at the beach. We all so sat around and enjoyed the nice day. For dinner that night we made Hobo pockets. Every one got to make their own pockets. We then designed that another night of cold would not do any good for my cold, and the other family did not wish to sleep in the van again. So we came home a day early. So once again we have cut short yet another camping trip

Hmmmmmm hot dogs!
Don't touch the fire!


Is that Superman Hiking in the woods?

How much fun did the boys have camping? The car ride home sould be a good clue.

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Ali said...

Your boys are ADORABLE!!!