Friday, August 24, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our Big 7 Year old

Today is Rodney’s 7th birthday, and this makes his 5th birthday with us. (he came to live with us just before he turned 3) He was fighting a little bit of a cold today but still enjoyed him self. We took him to the mall to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop®. We had a coupon for half of a bear on his birthday. He really wanted the Cheetah form WWF (that’s the World Wildlife Foundation not the World Wrestling federation) He liked it because Build-A-Bear Workshop® donates $1 from the sale of Cheetah to World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered animals and their habitats. I really show how big of a heart Rod has. To top it of He really wanted to get a wheelchair for his Cheetah. So he could be like mommy and help some one in a wheelchair to. We are so proud of him he really is growing to be a nice young man.

This is a toy Rodney got for his brithday from my brother last week

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Celebrating Rodney and mine birthdays with my parents.

Today we went to my parents to celebrate both Rodney and mine’s birthday. Mine was last week and my dad was down in Texas. Rod’s is next week and both my parents will be gone then. So this week end was the best time to do it. We also are making things smaller this year. So we are having no parties for the kids like we did in the past. We did celebrate none the less.

Amy and my mom took the boys to see a movie (Underdog). Wile I took a nap in the La-Z-Boy in my parents living room. After the movie and my great nap, we had dinner the open presents. Rod got some moon sand, a rocket, and some school clothing. I got some new t-shirts and some much need new shoes.

We all had fun and I was a good day. Some times the low key gathering can be the most fun.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Celebrating my 7th anniversary of turning 29 years old.

Today is my Birthday and you can say 36 years young, or 432 months old, or 1878 weeks old, or 13148 days old, or 315552 hours old, or 18933134 minutes old, or 1135988087 seconds old, or this is my 7th anniversary of turning 29 years old, or I’m Twenty-sixteen.

Today for my birthday I started the day out with breakfast in bed, then we went to church. This afternoon I got to take a nap with only a few interruptions. The best thing to happen today was I got a phone call from Best Buy for a job Interview. I had only filed out an application on Friday. So it looks like I’m going back to work, and may no longer be a stay at home dad. Hopefully I will still be able to be a major part of my kids’ life. With both of them in school full time stating next month, and Amy and I needing a little more cash flow. After all we would like to retire some day.

I finished off the day with bratwurst and hot dogs from the grill. Then we had Cake and Ice cream. In evening we just stayed in and took in easy. I have found that I am ok with my age; turning 30 was very hard for me. But know any age looks fine to me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bathroom and Family update.

Well my dad and I have the walls all built for the bathroom closet. We put up the dry wall and now I’m working on mudding the seems and holes. This will take me a few days to do as I have to let the plaster dry between coats and sanding. (also it is a little hot to be stuck in there for to long After I’m done with all that, I will continue the tile then paint then build the shelves in the closet.

Rodney and David have been taking ice skating. (This is really great on hot days) Rod has gotten quite good and Dave has just started. Both seem to really like it. We like to let the boys choose what sport they participate in. Rod choose Ice Skating, and David choose it after Rodney was doing it for a wile.