Saturday, August 11, 2007

Celebrating Rodney and mine birthdays with my parents.

Today we went to my parents to celebrate both Rodney and mine’s birthday. Mine was last week and my dad was down in Texas. Rod’s is next week and both my parents will be gone then. So this week end was the best time to do it. We also are making things smaller this year. So we are having no parties for the kids like we did in the past. We did celebrate none the less.

Amy and my mom took the boys to see a movie (Underdog). Wile I took a nap in the La-Z-Boy in my parents living room. After the movie and my great nap, we had dinner the open presents. Rod got some moon sand, a rocket, and some school clothing. I got some new t-shirts and some much need new shoes.

We all had fun and I was a good day. Some times the low key gathering can be the most fun.

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