Sunday, August 05, 2007

Celebrating my 7th anniversary of turning 29 years old.

Today is my Birthday and you can say 36 years young, or 432 months old, or 1878 weeks old, or 13148 days old, or 315552 hours old, or 18933134 minutes old, or 1135988087 seconds old, or this is my 7th anniversary of turning 29 years old, or I’m Twenty-sixteen.

Today for my birthday I started the day out with breakfast in bed, then we went to church. This afternoon I got to take a nap with only a few interruptions. The best thing to happen today was I got a phone call from Best Buy for a job Interview. I had only filed out an application on Friday. So it looks like I’m going back to work, and may no longer be a stay at home dad. Hopefully I will still be able to be a major part of my kids’ life. With both of them in school full time stating next month, and Amy and I needing a little more cash flow. After all we would like to retire some day.

I finished off the day with bratwurst and hot dogs from the grill. Then we had Cake and Ice cream. In evening we just stayed in and took in easy. I have found that I am ok with my age; turning 30 was very hard for me. But know any age looks fine to me.

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