Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ware have I been?

Well things have been a little busy for me the past month. My job has been taking all of my energy from me. I was made temporary manager of one of the group homes the company I work for runs, wile the other is on medical leave. I finding in is a lot of work but is very rewording. In this home there are 6 guys ranging in age from 30 to 50 years old. All are either non verbal or speak very little. I have been working the day time and my responsibilities are many. I take them to and from their workshops; I get them to any appointments they may need to go to; I do any paperwork and documentation that needs to be done; and I check on the staff to make sure they are doing their jobs.

I’m finding that I really like being around these guys. They have so little and only two of the guys get visits from family. I got to go shopping for their Christmas and had lots of fun getting them new things. I’m even working on Christmas day with them; witch also excites me because I get to spent it with them because they have so little. I will get to see them open their gifts and make them dinner. It should be a fun day. I will of course be woken up early in the am by my boys so I will still get to see them open their gifts.

I’m hoping with all the work I am putting in that I will get my own home some day.

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