Tuesday, December 04, 2007

David’s 7th birthday

David’s birthday was on the 3rd of December we celebrated his birthday on the 2nd at my parents. David Got a lot of what he really wanted and what he is in to. This really is nice to see him growing in to his own person and we are starting to see what kind of person he will some day be. One thing David got a new board game, Spider-man Sorry, this is one thing I am really in to, on to levels, one I love board games and I really like Spiderman. David has really followed suit on this. It’s always nice to se your kids getting into the same things as you. He also got a basketball to go with the basketball hoop we were given just before his birthday. He really loves it. (Now he will have to wait until spring to use it). David also got a light bright and some art supplies.

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