Monday, June 25, 2007

Moving things around

This week end we spent it clean out the boys room and moving Rodney to the other room. It was time for them to each have there own room. Mostly for all of our sanity. One thing I did to help them clean their room that seemed to work well was to sweep every thing on the floor in to the center of the room. I then told them that if they wanted any thing in the pile they had better putt it away or I was going to through it away. I really worked they picked up most of the toys and I got to get ride of some of the clutter in their rooms. We also took advantage of the mild weather to go to the park with the boys after we were done.

Also my dad and I are progressing on the bathroom. We have stared to add the wall boards. Go to my flickr account to see all of the images of the work we have done. You can see note on the Images by clicking on them.

Rodney new room

Davids New Room


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