Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 06

Happy turkey day every one! I know it’s been a wile since my last post, but we didn’t have much to report. However today we do.

We went to both Amy’s grand parents and my parents today. We started the day driving to Amy’s grandparents to just to visit. We talked to Amy’s Grandpa, and Amy’s parents. Amy’s Grand mother was in the hospital. Wile the boys ran around like loons through the house, Shane (Amy’s bother) and I played my latest board game obsession, Dreamblade.

We arrived at my parents for dinner at 4 pm. Both Rodney and David were very excited about seeing their uncles. After dinner Tom read to them and Rob got the all riled up with horse play. My dad even joined in a little. And they love every second of it. Now that I have a few less hairs it is good to be home.

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