Wednesday, July 05, 2006


For our vacation we went camping by ceder point with another family who have an eight-year-old daughter. The little girl also brought her friend along. We arrived at the campground Sunday afternoon while it was pouring rain. Fortunetely, Ken is such a fanatical outdoors lover that not wind, not rain, nor hail will deter him from whistleing merrily as he sets up camp. The rain eventually subsided and the boys rode the bikes that we had brought along, gleefully driving through puddles in the attempt to be as dirty as possible. The campground also had a play structure and pool, and later the other mother and I walked all four kids over to play and swim.

The second day we left for soak city, which is connected to ceder point, in the late morning. It turns out that Rodney was 48 inches, making him just tall enough to ride the big kid rides. Davy was still at 46 inches, which gave us a cheaper ticket, at least. There were still lots of things he could do. Some activities and water slides he was still allowed on, provided that he wear a life jacket. Both boys loved the wave pool, and a play structure full of water slides, water hoses and squirt guns. Rodney went on some pretty wild rides with his dad and loved it. Ken used to be a lifeguard/swimmer and has taught the boys to be excellent swimmers. They have no fear of the water at all.

At soak city Ken and I took turns taking the boys individually and going on whatever rides/activites that they wanted. I really treasured having that one-on-one time with each of them. I love my little guys so much, and they are growing up to be such fasinating people, that I feel privelaged and lucky to be their mom.

Later that night, we were awoken at about 2 a.m. due to an extreme lightning and thunder storm. I was panicking that my babies would be struck by lightening or carried away in a tornado (think Dorothys house swirling in the air, only in this instance a tent instead) I used our wet tents as an excuse for all of us to pack up and come home a day early. Ken chalks all these things up as "part of the experience of camping, but at that point I was ready for the "experience" of watching him load the car! I was also very sore and had 2 blisters on my feet from walking all over soak city. I was never so happy to see my beige little house! A 3 bedroom/2 bath modular may not seem like much but it was paradise to me. I came home fully intending to stay indoors for a week, but we ended up going to the fireworks that night and are going to greenfield village tomorrow. As long as it stays DRY I am willing to go with the flow.

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