Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Little Tent That Could

For the past couple of days we went camping with another family, just out side of Sandusky Ohio, at Cristal Rock campground. We got there Sunday at noon and it was raining. We quickly set up the cabanas so we could unload the cars and the set up the tents. The rain did stop enough for us to set up our tents, this was the first time we used our new tent and It was very easy to set up. I made curtain that it was staked down well and the rain tarp was tighten down. Wile we set up camp the kids road their bikes and went to the pool. The first night was clear and clam, but Amy and I did not get much sleep, as our air mattress had a slow leak and the boys were up and down all night.

The Next day we went to Soak City to get even more wet that the day before. I will save that story for later, but we had fun. That night after getting the kids into bed with no problems and we fell a sleep around 11pm, with our new air mattress. However we got a thunder store at about 2am. There were gust of wind and LOTS of lighting and the rain was coming down very hard. Our tent held fast. Amy and I where up for the whole time of the storm, witch was about 2 hours long. I got up to make sure every one was ok and to assess the damage. Every one was ok and we lost one of the cabanas. With all of this happing the boys slept through it. The next morning we decided to go home, because every thing we owned and our selves was soaked. We had planed on staying another night but we were done. I see this as all part of the camping experience, but Amy may never go again… this year any way.

We are so done with being soaked


LisaRoscoe said...

OK, Ken When are we gonna go camping? We could go to Indian Dunes National Lake Shore Park. There is no Electricity!!!

Anonymous said...
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