Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rodney completed his science project over the weekend. He did it on "parts of a bird". I'm not sure how it happened, but Rod has become a avid birdwatcher. It may be because our next door neighbor is really into birds and has three different feeders that are in view of Rodney's bedroom window. The neighbor has encouraged his intrest by loaning him two different bird song cd's in the past.

To get ready for the science project, we bought him a bird feeder that is attached to his bedroom window. The bird feeder also comes with a buzzer that Rod can attach to his belt loop. The buzzer goes off whenever there is a bird at Rodney's feeder, so he knows to go to the window to see. He also has a bird i.d. book so he can sit at the window and look up the birds that he sees at his feeder. It's an adult book, but since Rod can read above grade level see seems to be able to read parts of it.

Here is a picture of the poster that Rod made identifying the parts of a bird. He did some of the writing and typing by himself, and also had some help from Daddy.

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