Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This is our all new blog on our family and our goings on. I’m a 34 year old father of two wonderful adopted boys. I am also have been married to wonderful wife Amy for 7 years. Both of my boys are 5 years old and are only 4 month apart in age. It is like having twins, they both get each other in trouble.

Rodney is in kindergarten and is very proud to ride the school bus by himself. Rodney is a homebody by nature, so going to kindergarten has been an adjustment for him. He often tells me that he is still going to live at home, even when he is a grown-up! Academically Rodney is doing great and has a high IQ. He is reading easy readers to me and attempting to read music. Music is by far his favorite subject He sings all day long. Another event that Rodney believes has turned him into a “big kid” is that he lost his first tooth!

David Like many little boys, he spends his time playing Superman, Spiderman, and Batman, all while hoping for his own dormant super abilities to emerge. David plays very well with Rodney and idolizes him as his “big brother”. At times we feel this hero-worship goes a little far, as he wants to also have asthma and eczema “just like Rodney”. David keeps busy by attending Gymboree play and music classes, as well as going to speech therapy at the early childhood center. I have been married to my wife Amy for almost 7 years. We have been together almost 10.
Amy loves her job as a teacher for the medically fragile . She has a classroom of seven students aged three to six. All of the students are wheelchair users and use alternative methods of communication such as a picture exchange system. She is also getting ready to take her last class for her Autism endorsement. After that she will work towards a master’s degree in special education.
The finalization of David’s adoption brought Me and Amy to the conclusion that we did not want to pay for day care and after-school care for two children. Hence I became a stay at home Dad. This has made life so much easier, especially during the winter season. We do not have to worry about whom will stay home with Rodney during his many bouts with asthma and respite problems. I have started my own computer design business called Dionysus Design. I have done jobs for the Michigan Orthopedic Society and other local vendors. I like to get out once and a wile to go role play, or to go out on the town with my wife.

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