Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Over the Easter Week end we went to Milwaukee to see both of my grand mothers and spend time with my aunt and uncle and their kids. My cousins are both now over 30 and one is married and the other is getting married soon. This was the first time David has been to Milwaukee, and the first time for some of my relatives to meet him. While we were there me and my cousin, James, took the boys ice skating at Pettit National Ice Center. Also Amy, my mother, Aunt Pat and my Grandma took the boys to the zoo. Rodney wanted to see the birds and David the elephants. Very much like the cartoon show Little Bill, he very much wonted to see the elephants but they were not there until the end. Both boys made their dad very happy by bringing home rubber snakes, just like I did I when to the same zoo at their age.

I also spent time with my dad, which I get very little time to do. We went down to old world 3rd street to get cheese and spices. Then we went out for a beer and lunch. I seem to drink a lot when I’m in Milwaukee, more than I have in two months.

I got to introduce my cousins Terry and his wife, and James to a game I am very much in to right now call Settlers of Catan. All of us had lots of fun playing it. Rodney and David also got introduced to playing go fish with regular playing cards for the first time. Now that they have been inducted in to the family’s obsession with card games, they have not stopped playing with them in our living room, much to our dismay. I always look forward to going again; sadly it may not be until May next year for James’ wedding.

you can see the photos from the trip here: http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e356/annarborjedi/Family/Easter%20trip%20to%20Milwaukee/

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