Saturday, February 03, 2007

Celebrating Black History Month

Being the parents of two African-Americans we really wont them to understand ware they came from and who they are. So for Black history month we took Rodney and David to The Henry Ford Museum. The Henry Ford trough out the month of February has all kinds of things going on to celebrate Black History. There are Arts and crafts for the kids to do, sing-a-longs, and presentations. At one of the presentations/sing-a-long one of the singers asked David to name something that the African-Americans were fighting for so they could make a song about it, and he said “school”! What a great answer and we told him so.

The biggest Civil Rights and Black history thing, at The Henry Ford, is their permanent exhibit called With Liberty and Justice for All. “With Liberty & Justice for All” is an exhibit that explores the proud and often painful evolution of America freedom: from the Revolutionary War through the struggle for civil rights. One of the best parts of this exhibit is the Rosa Parks Bus. We have been on this bus many times in the past and always gone to see the bus. One thing I have said many times in the past is, if it were not for Rosa Parks and her not giving up her seat on that bus, we would never have been able to adopt our wonderful children.

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