Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Family Chrismas

Christmas day we spent our time together as a family. How ever Christmas stared for us at 12:30 am, with both boys getting out of bed to open their stockings. I however had to chase them back in to bed being way too early for them to be up. So I got to spend the rest of the night sleeping on the couch so I could keep them in bed. I finally gave up keeping them in bed at 6 am, and woke up Amy so we could open gifts. Both boys got what they wanted, which were Lagos and Transformers, we also got them pianos and book as well. Amy got me a new coat and I got her the 1st and 2nd seasons of ALF. Rodney was complaining of being to cold all morning and when we got him a blanket we saw how hot he was. He of course had a fever, and we gave him some children’s Tylenol. And the day was then spent watching Alf and A Christmas Story all day, because that was all he could do.

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